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What are Marketplaces?

Like Amazon and eBay, multi-vendor marketplaces are online eCommerce stores that allow multiple third-party vendors to sell products and services through the platform.

What We Offer

From concept and design to launch, we oversee your multi-vendor marketplace project from start to finish and offer marketing services post-launch to drive traffic to the site.

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Why Choose Us?

AMPD creates memorable customer experiences that help you stand out in your chosen niche. We understand which features customers and vendors want most and the importance of security in building trust and protecting your users’ privacy.

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A multi-vendor marketplace for one-of-a-kind custom clothing and accessories, The Only Cut connects talented artists with customers looking to add unique pieces to their closets. Artists can create a profile, showcase their customization skills, and accept and fulfill orders anywhere in the world.

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This Multi-Vendor Secondhand Denim Marketplace allows users to buy and sell previously owned denim items to reduce the severe ecological effects caused by the material’s production. Similar to Amazon or Etsy, persons can browse, create profiles, and manage orders and listings.

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This online marketplace for purebred bulls lets users in the U.S. and Canada find specific breeds by city or region and arrange a purchase or sale. Not all marketplaces require complex plugins and features, and for this project, AMPD Digital has focused on making it quick and easy to verify and close a sale.


4 Trillion

The current e-retail industry is valued at over 4 trillion dollars.


E-retail sales will account for 22% of products sold worldwide by 2023

2 Billion

2 billion people will purchase online this year