Growth Oriented Digital Solutions

Digital Strategy

What is Digital Strategy?

This is the use of technology to improve how quickly and effectively your business can reach its goals or hit major milestones. Much of AMPD Digital’s strategy development is focused on customer engagement, trust-building, and satisfaction, as this drives growth and revenue.

What We Offer

Our digital strategy services center on lead generation through social media and paid advertising, conversion optimization to ensure more customers make it to the final purchase stage, and engagement through key channels like Facebook and Google.

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Why Choose Us?

AMPD Digital starts by getting to know your company and your goals. Rather than try and fit your business to generic, predetermined road maps, we work with you to develop customized, industry-specific strategies that get you real, paying customers who want your services but don’t know where to look.

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Traditional marketing generates 50% fewer interactions than digital marketing


55% of buyers do research via social media


74% of conversion rate optimization programs increase sales.